Italian beach side
We are inspired by the natural beauty
from the world we live in.
We make conscious decisions to preserve that.


We consciously choose factories that share similar values like family, support, and happiness. All of our products are produced in factories where fair labour practises are implemented. They even support their local communities to giving back and support individuals and families in need.

 Plastic water bottle waste.


We spend the time to carefully source materials that do not harm our environment, created from recycled materials or are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning a standard that indicates innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Using recycled materials can help remove and repurpose waste, lower carbon emissions and save electricity.

All of our swimwear pieces utilize plastic waste from the ocean and landfills, especially plastic water bottle waste. Plastic waste is given a second life when it gets collected, decomposed, and transformed into fabric.


We are continuously learning to find innovative ways, sources, and materials we can use or how we can make positive changes in our environment.


Together we can make a change.